Why was my reward declined?

Rewards can show a declined status for many different reasons. Generally, a reward is automatically declined for violating our Terms of Service for logged activities such as:

  • Using a bot (automated software) to complete any order
  • Using a Proxy/VPN/VPS/Hosting service to hide your origin country.
  • Creating multiple accounts.
  • Registering with inaccurate information.
  • Completing offers fraudulently or with fake information.

Another reason a reward can show a declined status is from an account validation that expires. Any reward that requires further review will be flagged by our administration staff with a request for verification via a phone call or email. Failing to complete this verification will result in your reward being auto declined after 30 days.

The final cause for a declined reward is from our reward partner's expiration system. Rewards are emailed when they have been approved, and when you receive your reward, please note that the email link to claim your reward will expire 30 days from its release date. This information is shown in the email's body, and is displayed as "Claim Before Month-Day-Year." If you do not claim your reward before its expiration date, the reward and its points are lost.

If you have questions about your reward, you can view the reward the reason why it was declined in the Reward Store under your Reward History. Any further questions can be submitted to our help desk staff.