I lost my emailed reward! How do I recover it?

You can locate your Order History from the Reward Store page, in the topmost panel. If you don't see the order you are looking for, as it shows the most recent first, click the View More link. To retrieve your gift card e-code, follow the instructions listed below depending on which iRazoo website platform you placed it on.


New iRazoo Platform

Orders from our current reward platform are delivered completely by email. These rewards will show a "Resend" link next to the Offer Name of the reward. Please note that these emails may take up to 15 minutes before they are released. Also note that the email link to claim your reward will expire 30 days from its release date. This information is shown in the email's body, and is displayed as "Claim Before Month-Day-Year." If you do not claim your reward before its expiration date, the reward and its points are lost.


Old iRazoo Website Rewards

All prior iRazoo rewards have been imported to the new iRazoo platform, and each includes a link to the e-code from our original reward provider.  All reward, except for PayPal rewards, will have a View link that will take you to your e-code. Any reward that requires a Pin or Challenge Key will be included in this description.