How long until I receive my reward?

Rewards are released each week on Tuesdays. Members can expect up to a maximum delay of 7 - 10 days to process their reward for accounts in good standing, while some accounts may be subject to a 60 day wait before their reward is released.

Activities that require additional review time includes multiple country locations, multiple IP addresses, any use of a VPN/VPS or proxy, large point transactions, fast account creation and cashout, or transactions that require a purchase. Many of these transactions require partner verification before the reward can be released, especially for new accounts. Please note that our help desk staff will not investigate a reward delay until it has passed the 30 day mark, as that is the minimum for held rewards to be reviewed.

All rewards that have been placed by 12PM EDT/EST Monday are reviewed by our staff. Once all rewards have been approved, our staff initiates an automated processing and delivery system. Rewards can be released at any time after this period as the system releases rewards in batches, and processing can take several hours depending on the total order size. Some members may not receive their reward until the following day, even though it was approved for processing on the prior day.