What is a Promo Code?

Promo codes are codes we give out periodically on Facebook and weekly with our iRazoo Newsletter. These codes are like a coupon, and are available every day for entry so long as your account has a single paying activity on your account within the last 24 hours before the code expires. These activities are things like watching a video, playing a game, and completing an offer or a survey that credits your account. Once you have completed one of these activities, when you type this code into the iRazoo site before the code expires, you will get free points added to your account.

Once you get a Promo code from Facebook or the iRazoo Newsletter, login to iRazoo and click on the "Promo Codes" link under the "Redeem" header. Remember, Promo Codes are released daily on Facebook.com/iRazoo, so become a fan of iRazoo on Facebook and add info@irazoo.com to your email's whitelist so you will always be alerted when a Promo Code comes out!