How do I use the Facebook login?

iRazoo now offers a new way to login or create an account with us - Facebook logins! Facebook logins lets you connect Facebook to iRazoo for a fast login, without having to remember another login and password. See the instructions below to get started now.

For new members:

New members only have to click on the Login with Facebook button to create an account. The account will use their information saved on Facebook for important emails like our weekly newsletter promo codes or notifications about new partners and earning opportunities. This email will also be used as the destination for all member rewards, but that can be changed while placing a reward. Once you follow a few simple steps included in the instructions, your accounts will be linked and ready to earn!

For existing members:

Existing members have a few more steps to start using the new Facebook login.

  1. Login using your existing login and password with iRazoo.
  2. Click the Settings button in the menu.
  3. In the Profile list, click the Link Facebook button.
  4. Login to Facebook and give iRazoo permission to access your Facebook account's information.

Now that you've completed the steps above, you can login using your existing iRazoo username and password, or simply click on Login with Facebook instead!