Why isn't EngageMeTV videos crediting my account?

EngageMeTV has very specific rules in regards to how it credits our members.

Once a member clicks on the EngageMeTV offer link, they are shown a video clip, which is then followed with an advertisement, although this does not happen with every single video clip. The ads are what actually pays out, and generates iRazoo Points. A member must watch and fully engage in 3 ads in order for the offer to credit, and not just by viewing 3 video clips. This means that depending on ad inventory, not all videos will be prompted with an ad, so sometimes a member might actually need to watch more than 3 videos. Additionally, to prevent crediting problems, make sure that Flash is enabled on the viewing platform, and any kind of adblocker is disabled as these both will cause issues with EngageMeTV.

Unfortunately, members on mobile devices that doesn't support Flash won't be able to utilize EngageMeTV.