Do my points expire?

iRazoo policy is that if your account has no activity within 60 days, your iRazoo balance will be reset to ZERO. Please note that bonus points from our Refer-A-Friend program, iRazoo Search, Daily/Weekly/Newsletter/Special Event promo codes, Daily Goals or any other promotion that iRazoo may be having that rewards bonus points do not count as account activity.

Activities are limited to the completion of offers that successfully reward your account with iRazoo points such as offers, surveys, games, and videos. Logging in and attempting to get credits does not count as successfully completing a crediting offer. You should check your account history to determine that the activity successfully credited to ensure that your account balance isn't lost. Successfully completing any offer will reset the 60 day clock.

Accounts that have their balance reset will not be able to retrieve the lost balance, and support will be unable to assist you in any way.